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Now Doing Business in Kaneohe Hawaii  as
Mixed Traditions Enterprises & Touch of Zen Enterprises

Our massage room  at Thai Touch Massage and Bodywork is normally heated to 80 degrees  Fahrenheit.  Our tables are fleece cushioned with table warmers. A bodyCushion ™  is available upon request to make the facedown position more comfortable - particularly useful for individuals with larger chests or stomachs or women with implants.  We offer hydrotherapy hot packs and/or hot stone treaments with Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, advance requests may be required to insure that hotpacks or hot stones will be ready.
We have tables for Swedish or therapeutic massage, mats for Thai or Shiatsu, and a portable chair for chair massage.  Couples massages can be done side by side in the main massage room, or if you prefer, a table massage may be done in another room.

Melody, enjoying the weather near Ko Phi Phi in Thailand.

Melody resonates to energy work, her favorite modality is Traditonal Thai Massage, but she also enjoys Shiatsu and Reflexology.

Steve, with the portable massage chair.   Steve's favorite massage is the two-hour full body deep tissue, but he also enjoy's Traditonal Thai Massage and Shiatsu.  Steve is available for evening massages and on weekends and holidays.  Steve is also available for daytime massages every other Friday.
Obtaining our first certification in Thai massage at Wat Po in Bangkok, Thailand.  We learned Sourthern Style Traditional Thai Massage at Wat Po.

Obtaining additional certifications in Thai Massage at ITM in Chiang Mai, Thailand,  We learned Northern style Traditional Thai massage, also called Nuad Bo Rarn, Yoga massage, or "lazy man's yoga" at ITM.
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